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[[Answer commonly asked questions on this page to save both you and your customers time.

Customers will often have questions about your products.  Let them know what makes your products or product selections unique. Another common question is how to pick the right product or size.

Safe shopping and security are an area of concern for many shoppers.  Provide links to the Privacy and Terms of Use pages on your website.

Another common question is which payment options you provide. Let customers know what to expect  by listing the credit cards you support.

Customers want to know whether or not they will be charged taxes on their orders.  Let them know if any geographies are tax exempt.

Customers also want to know how to check order status, whether or not they can update or cancel orders, and how to track orders. The availability of these functions will depend on how you fulfill website purchases but are available to customers in the Your Account section of the website.

Questions about shipping are common.  Provide a link to the Shipping page on your website.

Return policies and procedures are another common source of questions.  Provide a link to the returns page on your website.]]